Monday, December 8, 2014

Documentary Movie Miguel Francis ' Donetsk thru American Eyes '

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
Documentary Movie Miguel Francis ' Donetsk thru American Eyes '
Life goes on in Donetsk

Documentary Miguel Francis' eyes Donetsk American " The film Miguel Frances, known to Russian audiences to the film "Crimea American eyes," came to Donetsk, to see for all that is happening in the city. Miguel with his film crew visited the destroyed neighborhoods, went to the shelter, mingle with the locals and militias.So is there in the Donbass Russian army? 

Miguel Francis went to Donetsk on a quest to find her but could not. Around were just terrible consequences of the war. Death and destruction. Woe to the locals and at the same time their commitment to the last to defend their land. Weapons picked up even women - with a detachment of one of them and moved the filmmakers. But the peaceful life does not end in spite of the shelling, theater actors go to rehearsals and performances draw full houses ... 

The entire film, according to the author, received the "contrasts". Donetsk bombed skyscrapers coexist with private houses miraculously survived. Birthday celebration takes place in a bomb shelter. Opera Troupe, the scenery is burned as a result of a direct hit by a shell in the warehouse, persists rehearsing "La Traviata." Veselin girl with the call "Bob" is headed by a mobile group of volunteers, closing the sake of their own business. 

Miguel Francis said that what he saw in Donetsk can not remain indifferent. Many neighborhoods destroyed by shelling people sometimes find themselves locked in their own homes. In spite of everything, donchane try to live "as usual": ride on the trolley even in dangerous areas, daily clean streets, go to the theater and to recognize that wants only one thing - that their friends were able to see the day when there will be peace.

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