Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Most Honest Three Minutes In Televion History

The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History


This probably has to be the best speech I've ever heard in the course of my ENTIRE life. But I gotta say, that fucking hurt. It didn't hurt because it's true it hurt because no one actually says this in real life. It hurt because a lot of people do not realize this and continue to act as it were true, and to boast that we are the "Greatest Country in the World". When the fact is, we aren't anymore.

  It took us a damn long time to become a real country that helped out their fellow man, even then we STILL had a long way to go. America had to go through a whole lot of things before it even scratched the surface of being the "Greatest Country in The World".

Even then, it only lasted a few years. Now look where we are, so deep in debt that we'll probably never get out. Our kids are (no offense) stupid, the adults care less, and our entire nation is in shambles all because of past errors that were not able to be corrected

We've spent more than a decade bickering with each other over pointless bullshit when there are more pressing things at hand. The people of today are more concerned about their own goals and well being than the well-being of the entire freaking country. 

 Now of course I know, that some of you will say "this isn't true" but you gotta admit. It really is. We've all done nothing but make dumbass decision after dumbass decision and guess what? Every year another generation is born to deal with then previous generations problems and no one is able to solve it. Each and every goddamn year in this country of ours no one has had the balls to just get up and said, "ENOUGH, I'VE HAD IT. NO MORE."

Now it's far too late and everyone is going to suffer. This country has been screwed ever since someone even bothered to utter the words "The Greatest Country in the World". The fact that it took this long to realize one of the most obvious things ever is what hurts me the most. America, we're not the Greatest Country in the World. We're the poorest, possibly dumbest, most corrupt country in the entire world and that needs to change..NOW.

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