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Why Chechens now more Russian patriots than other Muscovites | By: Daria Aslamova

 Why Chechens now more Russian patriots than other Muscovites

By: Daria Aslamova
 Photo: RIA Novosti
October 21, 2014 01:00
The most common today, "Chechen march" in Grozny. Try to find here calls like "Chechnya - for the Chechens." On the contrary - only with Russia.

Special correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Daria Aslamova went to Chechnya to understand why. Part 1 [Video, Photos]
Destroyed to rebuild
I knew three of the city of Grozny. The first - a faceless Soviet provincial capital, where a proud military gait fall of 1991 entered the General Dudayev, and all at once began. (Rumor has it that it almost as Lenin brought from Estonia in a special car.)
- Stand up! - Told me the guards when a Dudayev.
- Why not? - I was surprised.
- Because he's a man!
- On the contrary! This man should stand up when a woman! Until we sparred, in walked this Chechen Napoleon was still emphasized modest, dreaming of the house with a garden in my old age. Did not happen. Killed by a homing missile strike during a telephone conversation with the deputy Konstantin Borovoy. (Borovoy told me afterwards that Dudayev at the end so I'm sure - or assured environment - in his divine mission, that any house served as a messenger of Allah, do not take off your shoes. "Aura around him was, you know ?!")
Second Grozny, February 2000. And, in fact, there was no second Grozny. In general, O-! A single tree. A single building. Most black and white Stalingrad than color, covered in roses, Entangling corpses Yugoslav Vukovar. Corpses covered in Grozny melting snow mixed with bloody ground. The realm of death and desolation. Packs of dogs attacking people. And poisonous smelly smell alcohol soldiery, dirty bodies, sweat, tobacco and rotting. From the ruins to the heat field kitchens went feral ghost people with pathetic, insane individuals.
Terrible fall of 2000.
Photo: AP
I remember how I met on February 23 (Day of Defender of the Fatherland and rainy day Chechen deportation) with riot police in the commandant's office, by candlelight and with five-liter jar of alcohol. And at four in the morning completely drunk commandant decided to undermine the grenade me and photographer Gene of "Izvestia" that we have not got to the Chechens. "Alive I do not give up - he kept repeating. - So as not in pain. " And we tried to persuade him to dawn that undermine themselves, if that. By morning, he passed out, and we fled. And I remember how passionately argued for single shots of the ruins of movie with the head of the Leninsky district Ibrahim Yasuevym:
- What is there to restore ?! City is not! This hedgehog is clear!
- Maybe a hedgehog and understandable. But the Chechens not. The city will be! How can I move the capital to Gudermes? How can I move the heart to the liver? Unthinkable! You'll see and be amazed!
Terrible in the fall of 2014. Did such an amazing post-war transformation of at least one city in the world?
Photo: Eugene SAZONOV
And 14 years later I saw and began to cry. Do not believe the cynics that kind of money, you can build and Paris. You can not. In general, nothing can be built if there is a fierce desire for people to survive and build a new world. In Belgrade since the time of the NATO bombing in 1999 there were two high-rise buildings bombed as two rotten tooth.
- It's you as a memory of the war left? - I asked the Serbs.
- What sort of memory? No money! Houses can not be restored or blow - collapse nearby. So, we must dismantle brick by brick. And the European Union, who bombed Belgrade, does not give money.
But the Chechens - not Serbs. They were all dismantled brick by brick and lay down again. They damn stubborn. And now that they have succeeded.
By 5 October of 2014 it was called the safest city in Russia. And it was true. And then punch in the stomach: a terrorist attack on the day of the city. Knife in the back Kadyrov. I understand his rage. And his pride: the people he nurtured died, but failed to protect civilians. Five killed by police. But no one civilian was injured.
Terrible - a small miracle. He grew up in the desert war with surprise and splendor of the Arabian Nights. Lovely strict form Mosque "Heart of Chechnya" with multi-ton chandelier-palaces of glittering crystal, space avenues and squares (and this despite the typical mentality of the Caucasus, where every piece of land being built immediately ugly stalls and cafes).
РИА Новости
Hijab, iPhone, a portrait of Putin - are now distinctive features of young girls in Grozny.
Photo: RIA Novosti
In the city of perfect order and cleanliness. Single piece of paper. For thrown goby catch, raise and make more shame: Do not do it. Theft is not in principle! People throw the car with open doors and go, without closing. Last car theft was here a few years ago. There are no bars on the windows of houses even on the first floor. A friend of mine lost his house keys and a whole week slept with the door open (no time was to make the keys). If you forget a handbag in a cafe, you will run for two blocks, shouting: "Girl, your handbag!"
In the streets people are walking and did not systems: men on one side, women - on the other. In vogue - the hijab, although Chechen mothers wearing traditional head scarf, new fashion daughters do not approve. I powdering her nose in the ladies' room with a young lady in a hijab.
- My mother forbade a month - she confessed, tinting eyelashes. - But the hijab is easier to get married. We immediately see that decent.
Chechens are a surprising number of blue-eyed, red-haired and fair-skinned. Even Putin here on countless portraits slightly red, sad and very young. Almost a Chechen.
Анатолий ЖДАНОВ

Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov
With alcohol in Grozny napryazhenka as nightlife. Drink here is simply indecent. Chechens boast that, they say, even managed to wean Depardieu from alcoholism, which I highly doubt it. (Do Depardieu here, by the way, has an apartment in one of the gleaming skyscrapers.) In hotels visitors can drink (after all the guests). But the Chechens themselves of those who likes to drink, carefully pour the vodka into the bottle from the mineral to, God forbid, one of your friends do not see it.
The rules of etiquette are so strict that young people often flee to Moscow or Peter from under the watchful eye of relatives and neighbors. But when it comes time to start a family, many return as returned from Moscow one of my thirty Moscow buddy.
- I was here safe and calm. I already walk up, - he explained to me. - And in Chechnya have everything except freedom. Why do I need freedom in thirty years? I want a family, peace and stability.
Daria Aslamova near a mosque "Heart of Chechnya" in Grozny.
Photo: Daria Aslamova
Tamed Wolves
Is it possible to tame wolves? Yes, if you own a wolf pack leader. Emblem of Ichkeria was once the image of a lone wolf in the moonlight. The leader has to be primarily a physical strong. Solid as an oak or a judoka Putin Kadyrov - this is for the Chechens idols.
- It is the specificity of Chechnya. In all groups, the most powerful Chechen becomes leader - political scientist told me Islam Saydayev. - Why are respected family Kadyrov? Because during the war, all the men were in Chechnya, and even children are not sent abroad, in a safe place. A leader must not only be strong, but also understandable. It must come from the clear and precise orders. All arguments on the topic - maybe so, and maybe some sort? What do you think? Do not like it. No arguments. People are accustomed to obey orders.
Kadyrov in Chechnya is not just respected and idolized. Tired of the war, the nation wanted an iron hand and got it. Kadyrov are subject to unconditional devotion. He was not only able to bring a pack of wolves from the forest-people and taught them to work, but was able to put on this temperamental freemen, independent and with impunity, spiritual reins of Islam. Many young Chechens believe not a cool, no reservations and doubts, and his whole being.
Korans in gold covers in stores Chechnya.
Photo: Daria Aslamova
- First, what he has done - is security. When you can drive across Chechnya without protection and without arms, - says the writer Kanta Ibragimov. - Second, he pointed to the youth the right way. He - an example to follow. Do not drink, do not smoke, get exercise, respect parents, pray.
- And do not overdo it with any religiosity? - I ask.
- At one time it was necessary to go too far in order to return to equilibrium. Because there was a great contrast: here Wahhabis run, and here - girls in short skirts. We need to find a middle ground. Third, he managed to turn the opinion of the Russian man in the street of the Chechens in a positive way. We are in the eyes of the Russians were bandits. And he kept a PR republic. Here and Depardieu, and artists, and football. Then the Chechens went voluntarily to Ukraine to fight with Russian. Then Russian journalists, he pulled out of captivity. He does not sleep and do not eat, like all his ministers. He built a rigid chain of command and it works. If he gave the smallest order, he will check it personally.
Here is a vivid example of the stories my friend. Repaired the road in Grozny. After the first rain fell asphalt, formed a puddle. Kadyrov arrived early in the morning in rubber boots and stood in a puddle. Called his ministers and appointed a meeting right on the wet spot. All arrived in suits and expensive shoes in half an hour. He said we paid for this road. Give 48 hours to correct the situation. Drove a jet engine to drain the water. And then re-laid asphalt, dry ground. Kadyrov personally came and checked and still claim set: exactly enough.
In Chechnya say Kadyrov believes people quickly and easily. But before the first deception.
From the Crimea to Caucasus - on earnings
- Have you ever seen anything so bow ?! - Agriculture Minister Musa Dadaev lifts off the ground wonderful golden bulbs. A fairy tale! And then directly to the field we eat huge sweet tomatoes, prisypaya them with coarse salt. I just mychu pleasure.
- Why, Musa such tomatoes do not reach Moscow?
- Yes, because they are alive. We have the same products with GMOs is prohibited by law and is punishable with fines. My real tomato does not make it to Moscow. But Azerbaijan I put on the table and watched him for two weeks. No change! He did not even wince!
Agriculture Minister Musa Chechnya Dadaev with onions.
Photo: Daria Aslamova
Chechnya is slowly but surely raises agriculture. Meat, grain and vegetables provides the republic itself. Chechens do not even know that the meat can be ice cream. Only fresh. Beef costs 200 rubles a kilogram, Kalmyk breed, thick and juicy, - 230 rubles. But it's real meat. In addition to state farms and large farms, in every home grown bulls. Chechen lazy - it's a myth. Young stubborn farmers and herders working with their entire families.
- Buy and bring up a purebred bull calf is worth about 44 thousand rubles, and sell its meat output is possible for 100 million, and even more - says Musa. - Direct benefit. Now for the milk came from. Chinese powder Chechens disdain. Finally, even in part, but their milk provide people. Fish started breeding in ponds: carp, carp, carp.
Chechens in the field.
Photo: Daria Aslamova
In one of the agricultural enterprises meet two Russian men - from Rostov and Crimea.
- Russian slaves ?! - Terrified I say.
- Yes, what slaves! - Vitaly laughs and proudly shows me a brand new Crimean passport.
- And what are you doing here?
- Came to work on the ad. We machine operators. A lot of guys come here.
- I need the experts, and their afternoon with fire you will not find - complains Musa. - Lawyers and managers a dime a dozen. But try to find a sensible agronomist, veterinarian, breeder, fancier. Everyone wants to work as an official in the office and on the computer. Yes, wages have not Moscow, but life is cheaper. In the private agricultural enterprises can agronomist and up to 40 thousand salary offer plus lodging, meals and car. In the state farms, of course, much less. In general, as long as sanctions do not have burst, no one seriously about food safety was not thinking. The government subsidizes the tab of one hectare garden only 5 percent. A Russia of one of Poland are imported fruit nearly a billion dollars a year. Money left after all there! The question arises: why does not this billion invested in their own, native? If at least 50 percent in Russia to subsidize seedlings, we have two years of apples, pears, cherries and grapes to put it would be nowhere! "

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