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Was Netherlands to cautious when investigating #MH17?

Was Netherlands to cautious when investigating #MH17?
Wrakstukken en persoonlijke bezittingen op de rampplek
Wreckage and personal belongings at the scene ANP

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Oct 2014 15:53
As for Ukraine, the Netherlands could have made direct agreements with the rebels over access to the disaster area. Or so says several Ukrainian protagonists in the diplomatic negotiations after the disaster against Nieuwsuur. Netherlands hadn't contact with the rebels.

"Moral obligation"
Ukraine didn't even question the way the Netherlands had acted in the first days after the disaster of MH17. Kiev was not opposed to the Netherlands starting dialogue with the rebels on access to the disaster area, alleges Minister Pavlo Klimkin of Foreign Affairs: "We couldn't, as Donetsk People's Republic is not recognized by Ukraine." But access to the crash site surely was not a political matter, it was a moral obligation." And the colonel and army spokesman Andrey Lysenko says: "The Dutch government should do everything to get full information."

Negotiating with the rebels meant the Dutch government had to recognize the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk. "The Netherlands is an EU state, Ukraine is a state that part of Ukraine is in contravention of international law. We do not recognize it," said Prime Minister Rutte two months ago. "I'd Like a rebel movement part of Gelderland would have occupied, in the Netherlands there is also great difficulty as my German or French colleague would talk to them."

"Come quickly" 
The Dutch researchers came only two weeks after the crash at the crash site. The OSCE says in Nieuwsuur still regrest this. "The first few days were most crucial: the crash site was vulnerable, was our ​​message. Get here as fast as possible", OSCE spokesman Michael Bociurkiw said. He was there on behalf of the OSCE as one of the first responders in the disaster area.

Direct Contact
Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia negotiated directly with the rebels, with the result that his country could quickly secure the black boxes. The government of President Poroshenko had no objection. "Malaysia even signed formal documents with the People's Republic of Donetsk, but had no political or legal consequences. If it works, we are OK with that," said Minister of Foreign Affairs Klimkin.

The international research team, meanwhile, still has not been there to investigate the scene. Netherlands hasn't even retrieved any of the personal belongings of passengers MH17. In response, the Malaysian ambassador in Netherlands, Fauziah Mohd Taib, said that her country was the only ones  involved in the operation, and it wass reflected in her frustration. "We are, in spite of repeated requests by our side, not involved in the joint investigation team led by the Netherlands. And while it comes to our national airline. We want to do justice to the victims who perished in the disaster."

 July, 17th 2014
The crash of the MH17 where a total of 298 people including 43 Malaysians, 284 victims have now been identified.
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