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Two days on the front line the roads: from Lugansk to Azov region.

Summaries of militia Novorossia

Report Andrew Krasnoshchekova. Two days on the front line the roads: from Lugansk to Azov region.

  October 28 - 29.I.
Observations of the world around them and the current military situation in the Donbass  
In Lugansk Donetsk now can be rolled back "one day". Path for not wanting to meet with Ukrainian soldiers now runs through Miner, snowy, Hartsyzsk. Here, however, you will also meet a couple dozen checkpoints where soldiers check the documents states. They do it each in his own way: someone looks out the window, smiling, someone imperiously waved his hand, the other is not healthy simply asks trunk show. Documents of the press, even without research "ethnicity" as a rule, cause respectful cordiality. Sometimes the rebels, hearing the word "journalists" surprised guards, and then the supervisor (usually on a post-it young local lad years to 23) calls on the radio, "the elder." Senior comes, sees a press card, passport and wants more thoroughly enjoyable road. Sometimes warns: "There in front of Bach." Or: "Yesterday there postrelivat dill."

The path between the "capital of the Republic" in places very picturesque, often tortuous. And almost always completely broken road. White Geely our taxi driver constantly creaks, pops, bangs suspension. Sometimes broken not only expensive.

On the border of the DNI and the LC can see a kind of border post: Ilich handed "fly", the Russian flag was hung. On the fence on the left inscription oily brush "Glory to Stalin!". In the next post flag with SPAS-Christ. At that time thought that the southeast armed rebellion of his paradoxical ideological stuffing reminds Moscow in October 1993.

Meanwhile, the gray militia draws attention as I photograph the monument, smiling:
- Ours did not flunk it when we actually ..!
Another asks, pointing to a plastic box on a concrete block:
- Clutter not toss?

We go further. Suddenly realize that you need to pull over to the curb. On an opposite rattled moving tank column. At least 10 trucks. Rented directly from the salon and already foresee resonance tweeted seeing a Russian flag on one of the tanks. Which field to manipulate mass consciousness! Photos can easily imagine a column moving from the Russian border, we can provide geo-tag and give the photograph has some "sensationalism". However, as no sign it - allotted to twitter almost immediately begins to live his life. But that's not all of the readers of luminous bands realize that wishing séparer from Ukraine (and clearer - separatists) ride here in armored vehicles under the Russian banner with the ending of April. Yes and armored vehicles in different states can be found in many front-line villages: although every hour "sensation" is issued.

Along the way the sun, but sometimes downright terrible pictures. Here rural rotation, and all ten houses on it burned to a brick foundation. On the other side of the melt blacken shopping kiosks. We can not stay here for a shooting in a hurry.

We're going for Lugansk, to the village boldly. There's more than two weeks was kept surrounded by the gang Ukrainian Airborne. In the evening of the previous day, October 27, after the ultimatum Command LC they left position, leaving part of the art, taking part with him. The situation remained unclear. But as explained later deputy minister of defense with the callsign "Communist", led a column from the post he had, in the first APC. Thanks to the team from the Ukrainian side for the understanding of the "act". Called fratricidal war, and noted that the excess blood Luhansk fighters do not want to. I looked at his leather cap with a red star on his eyes and felt is firm, but this man is tired.


At the very Bahmutke - road between bold and good, with panoramic views of the Slavyanoserbsk we find seriously the strengthening checkpoint. Not permitted to shoot. Many men in hats, a "pixel" Russian camouflage or "slides". I say four. Two admit that from Russia, a couple more that local. Here suddenly learn that Slavyanoserbsk whether all, or at the edge - busy APU. However, this was the case when the newcomers themselves still do not really owned furnishings. On the horizon at this time already familiar fumes that and do not want to shoot. Becomes obvious only that river for Slavyanoserbsk - hot front portion.

- Our goal repel the attack on the field - in the direction of the shows that the named Russian.
On the other corner of the junction of more Slavs, overgrown, at least with unshaven and sometimes beards. The popularity of "Cossack" symbolism, as on the sleeves and on the cars. At the office closer to Lugansk and does meet the Bulgarians.

On the way back to Donetsk taxi driver tries another road. At dusk, the whistle of the brakes. Just do not roll off the bridge collapse. Go look around darken some mortar holes. The bridge itself over the railroad tracks likely undermined specifically. Unfolds.

In the morning, make a decision to go in the direction of Donetsk Sea of ​​Azov. NSDC message "Press Center ATO" talk about "shelling terrorists" and other villages Talakovka. Militia in their stream declares throwing missiles "Castle" in his direction. Need to check.

Way back passes entirely through ganged up on Kiev area. It would be possible through Volnovakha but sorry time: recent experience with Debaltseve where Ukrainian soldiers were although friendly, but kept half an hour, and not having started anywhere, proves once again that even the European press on this war is easier to work with the parties' separatists. "They and talkative, and friendly. And not waiting for the word "senior" to make any move. Anarchy, libertines? Partly possible. Different commanders with their orders.

That came in Telmanovo. The small town where there was even a tea. Learn the name of the local commandant, go to his office in a former police station. On the table portretik Stalin. Says quite frankly about the situation. Gray, discreet. There is no doubt that with the Donbass. Sends areas villages bows Tavriceskoye. There foremost, find group militia. I recognize the voice of local warlords. He, in "arafatki" argues, sunlit, near downed and repaired BMD, that does not understand why it was necessary to "truce" which is not observed. Argues that the New Russia takes place, as a state, no matter what. 

And he adds:
- We do not consider themselves terrorists. If we were terrorists, then we would be afraid of the people. And they are not afraid. So someone is lying. A lie is not good.
Several units intact shells, but very battered the whole armor of light, he calls "completely wrung out by the Ukrainians." Shows on-plastered white stripes.
We sit in his taxi in front of the car with the same commander. Lucky and features of the hills on the other side of the river Kalmius (front line): behold, they say, for something those stacks tanks "Ukropov" but for them scrub the same MLRS "Grad". To the place where he points - two and a half kilometers. And right next to us a little village.

- Shelling out this village yesterday, smashed home and we were not there - continues commander.
But now they are here, though a small group. And we are close to them. Once again look at the guessing away from us armor, with guns pointing at us and decide not to stay.
Proximity to road wanders boy of 9 and with it the guy of 14 years, with speech impairments. Shows the hole from the mines in the road reveals a hand with a large splinter. 

Asking small:
- Do not be scared?
- Yes, these fragments here very much. And there, and there - do not understand the question boy. Smiling.

Going further, on Novoazovsk. Another roadblock delaying us. Young guy totally naive, seems Donetsk and says:
- Senior told you to hold
- And still commanded to feed - I'm kidding.
- So are you hungry? Want to stew?
Consider blatantly not camouflaged cabins, process firewood. Then again, I ask the radio from a soldier trying to convince someone on the opposite end of the line to drop us in the direction of Novoazovsk.

  - No. The order of the commander.
  The voice on the air refers to the fact that "Ukrainians have intensified the work of artillery" and, he says, "we are concerned for your safety."
On the way back to Donetsk learn that in shelling in the triangle Mariupol-Telmanovo-Novoazovsk blamed each other for both sides. The blogosphere is actively connected to the charges. War with sprawling fields around us goes into the plane "who pereret vitit."

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