Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The fourth Donbass humanitarian convoy to go today

The fourth Donbass humanitarian convoy to go today

Donetsk and Lugansk today went fourth Emergencies Ministry convoy carrying humanitarian aid, reports "Interfax". Convoy of 50 trucks out of Noginsk.
International Red Cross in organizing the convoy will not take part.
"We have information about this convoy, the intention is to provide humanitarian assistance, and we welcome any help from either side of the Donets Basin, where people are in a difficult situation ... However, the ICRC is in no way involved in the organization of the current humanitarian convoy," - said the head Department of Public Relations of the ICRC regional delegation in Moscow Victoria Zotikova.
Recall that the situation in the region bordered by the humanitarian catastrophe. As a result of the fighting people of Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republic experiencing an acute shortage of food, drinking water, medicines and other essentials. As a result of the shelling destroyed health and educational institutions, utilities do not work, can not be the organization of the heating season.
Earlier, Russia sent in Donbass three humanitarian convoys. Their passage through the Russian-Ukrainian border was accompanied by a number of difficulties and recriminations.

Humanitarian convoys for Donbass stopped to rest at Voronezh

Motorcade MOE, which was launched on the eve of the suburbs, with humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine arrived in Voronezh region, where he stopped to rest, according to the deputy head of the National Center for Crisis Management Emergency Ministry Oleg Ravens.
During parking drivers also refuel cars, testing their technical condition and continue the path in the Rostov region.

Swedish intelligence "joked" No Russian submarine was there...

Naval intelligence Sweden said that information about the submarine in the Stockholm Archipelago, which allegedly received a distress signal in Russian, is a joke. Reported daily morning newspaper in Sweden Dagens Nyheter.
Thus, the publication of a request to the Naval Intelligence copy recordings allegedly intercepted signals. Typically, such information in whole or in part is confidential and shall only be issued when requesting a formal link to the details of the required document, it is possible to get acquainted with this or that information is not always available.
If the link is not issued, the decision can be appealed administratively. The publication indicated that the scouts have not provided any data, since no interceptions were not there.
"I guess I just wonder, as you read about the Russian signal for help. But nothing of the kind, is incorrect, "- said the publication of an unnamed senior intelligence official. According to him, this story is nothing more than rumors and someone's fantasies.

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