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Mariupol beheaded city - on the verge of revolt

Mariupol beheaded city - on the verge of revolt

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In Mariupol in the inpatient unit hospitalized Mayor Yuri Hotlubey. In the absence of acting mayor will serve his deputy Vladimir Klimenko. This was reported by the press service of Mariupol City Council.

Earlier Yuri Hotlubey already took sick leave on May 29, with what happened when the situation is difficult in Mariupol, said the city's.

Meanwhile, as the militia passes, the situation in the city there was a very tense. Ukrainian troops, mostly from volunteer battalions engaged in looting, violence and murder. "The day before was fired passenger car, which drove civilians. To cover up the crime war criminals have taken the body from the scene, and the car blew up. Given the ongoing nature of the atrocities in brewing rebellion "- write in social networks militia.

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According to Strelkova, and Petrovsky, strikes in Donetsk are likely a sign of clearing the road for upcoming columns.

The situation that started in the past few days are to worsen in New Russia. According to, and in light of indications of a possible last phase before the onset of the APU. The shooting in Donetsk has stopped resembling a nature of terror, and are more like the actions before, of clearing the road for upcoming columns. 

Today they deployed three strike groups, of which repeats the old script - preparing the operational environment through the interception of Donetsk roads. Shahtersk-Snowy-Red Ray and gained access to the border, and as the tactical environment of the city kicking Makeyevka. To do this, they collected in each group of up to 10 thousand people, about 300-400 armored vehicles, and a large number of artillery and mortars of 100 mm. One of the likely reasons for the timing of the offensive in expectation of a Friday-Saturday of this week attack. Clearly what we are talking about is a hypothetical situation, yet developments, to support this logic appears very serious. 

This weekend, Russia's readiness management system will be dramatically reduced, which gives APU a night handicap ahead of time on the reaction for the Russian side. During the day, when the current state militia punishers can perform step 1, a concept of operations and put the militia and the Russian leadership is going to have to respond with increasing delayed response. Perhaps these concerns will be viewed as panic, but it should be understood that the opinion expressed by people who know the situation in the detail and dynamics are aware of the situation. By employing a careful campaign and smoothing statements from Kiev guide DNR and LC can simply "pass" or kick. The situation is alarming, and even more than that. There are considerations against such a development or if it is rational. 

Nevertheless, it seems that in the Kiev leadership in a serious struggle associated with the pro-European and pro-American confrontation henchmen.America is very interested in the escalation of the conflict, and the misfortune of meeting in Milan in terms of a pro-European factions in Kiev and in Europe itself, it is quite possible that the added aggression pro-American forces. Anyway, I can say that what is happening is of very high concern.It is quite possible that this subject will be devoted to the presentation and application of Strelkova - that's the only meaningful part of this known only to him. "

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