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Everything is so spiritual, read reports. | Maidan: The Angelic Face of the Devil

Maidan: The Angelic Face of the Devil

Oct. 7, 2014

European media excitedly writing about how educated and civilized the protesters in Hong Kong. They clean up after themselves, do not spit on the ground, go in a toilet only in designated places, I apologize to all for any inconvenience caused. Plus regularly doing homework and not aggressive. It's just a little deja vu.

Same thing, almost one-on-one wrote of Euro media about "peaceful Ukrainian Maidan, which gave the world the example of civilized struggle with the bloody regime". The standard report of another journalist, who visited Kiev Maidan, began with the canonical phrase: "I was struck by the friendly atmosphere in a Central Kiev square."

Here it gave them the atmosphere. However, every Western reporter considered it his duty to tell how pleasant to talk to members of the "European Maidan". Of course, everything they write and cocoa in toilets, carefully installed near the main post office. Special defense units monitor the cleanliness and order on the territory of the Maidan. In the large kitchen in the House of trade unions, subsequently almost completely burned, volunteers work in disposable gloves, sterile gowns and bonnets. All drink tea and coffee, give free sandwiches. Kyiv residents and guests of the capital are only doing what you are Protestants warm clothes, medicines, personally related socks, disposable dishes and condoms. About condoms I may have lied a lot, but in General all was well.

Those who were beaten by law enforcement officials, iron bits, crushed them with a bulldozer, was "provocateurs hired by the gang to discredit the bright appearance of the Maidan". That's exactly the kind of "light the way" was sculpted from the protesters without exception, all the Western and Ukrainian media. The whole world was touched by the fact wow, millions of people gathered in Central Kiev to demonstrate their European choice. Girls and boys, wrapped in Ukrainian flags were interviewed, talked about that here, on the Maidan, is born the future of the nation. Agreed already to the fact that the square formed the prototype of the "society of the future.

One of the commanders of the House of trade unions Stepan Kubel for a long time and talked to all interested, how cool is organized accommodation in all administrative buildings, captured during "peaceful protests". Here you and shower, and sleeping bags, and daily housekeeping, and medical help, if the demonstrator accidentally cut her finger. Idyll, one word. On the stage of Maidan are pop singers and priests who read prayers. Everything is so spiritual, that as much Shine.

In General, the same thing is now happening in the Hong Kong version of the world media: exemplary representatives of civil society, almost canonized in life for Holiness, struggling with bloody totalitarian regime in Beijing. Evil law enforcement officials harass them tasteless and extremely tear gas, but the protesters don't fight violence with violence, only erect barricades and waving their umbrellas. Technology "positive image", developed on the Maidan.

Maidan The truth behind the February 20 massacre Part 1

No violence, only the belief in a just social system. Almost all European and American political elite has been on the square, admiring the peaceful energy of the masses". I think soon the emissaries of the "free world" will be giving out cookies kids in Hong Kong. What will happen next? Unfortunately, in Ukraine there is already an answer to this question.

A few months after "the European Maidan" has suddenly found out, that in the centre of the capital was homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics and antisocial personality. This is the official opinion of the Minister of internal Affairs, one of the leaders of the Maidan Arsen Avakov. It is difficult to understand exactly when such a dramatic transformation, but the fact remains. Without exception, all the administrative building, captured European protesters were brought to a catastrophic condition. In particular, the Kyiv city administration was simply destroyed.

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When Vitali Klitschko, who was elected mayor on Milanowski wave, walked into his office, he was just stunned. Broken glass, broken furniture, a lot of some of the shit on the floor. And in this state was not only his office, but the whole building. Activists looted all the office equipment, made from the municipal administration valuables and everything that could be sold. Long time city hall sported broken Windows and befouled facade. Even the gate to the patio, weighing several tons, "peaceful demonstrators" have managed to remove and cut into several parts.

Another object occupied by Mitanovski - trade Union House just burned down. Remained only a charred skeleton. The so-called "Ukrainian house" - pretentious building, which has long been the Lenin Museum was transformed into a real slum. Even the chiefs defense didn't know who lives there, and journalists generally recommended not to go there.

From the "Ukrainian house" brought her paintings, furniture, office equipment, messed rooms and halls, which hosted the exhibition. Oddly enough, the main participants of these events - the same people. Just as more than clearly demonstrated by the events in Ukraine, it all depends on the angle of illumination of the events and people are ready to believe it. Ukrainian society, as it turned out, was ready to believe that the bloody regime of Yanukovych seeks to destroy the peace activists who wanted the Association with Europe.

Systematic reporting in the media has convinced them that on the Maidan emerging future of the country. And today, many simply refuse to believe what actually happened in the city centre. That people have enough on the streets on suspicion of "aiding Putin" and beaten in a specially arranged "torture chambers". At the ' euromayday" flourished drunkenness, theft and violence. That many "activists" completely crazy, because initially suffered from mental illness.

This preferred not to notice. As not to notice the atrocities punitive battalion "Aidar", formed from those "light warriors"who were peacefully protesting. It turned out that the "warriors of light" has become a professional punishers, the Nazis, killing residents of Donbass. They do not feel any guilt because they believe that "clean Ukraine".

Exactly battalions formed from miganovce", distinguished himself during the so-called "anti-terrorist operation" special atrocities in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. They killed dissidents on denunciations, maraud, raped women.

I repeat: the most terrible in the last decade of war in Ukraine started with angelic muzzles demonstrators"who came to protest. They just wanted democracy and the European Association. And now, when one year had passed since the beginning of the "peaceful protests"in the country more than ten thousand killed and wounded, in fact, imposed censorship in all media, dissenters were persecuted by the forces of "activists, and politicians just publicly beaten, what is the height of democracy.

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