Monday, October 6, 2014

Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland arrives in Kiev.

Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland arrives in Kiev.

06/10/2014, 19:58

Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, who became famous distributing biscuits on Independence Square and her obscene epithets addressed to the European Union, arrived in Kiev. In December last year, she unequivocally supported the Kiev protests, and now came to reconcile those who a few months ago stood together on "Euromaidan."

Yatsenyuk Election campaign in the Verkhovna Rada has shown that the former colleagues - are no longer just political opponents. It came to a direct threat to publicly communicate with the most radical representatives of the new Ukrainian ruling elite.

Experts believe that the this is the purpose of their guest from the United States - To reunite former colleagues of the revolution - Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, whose movements are now - as electoral competitors. But if Yatsenyuk blocks the president designate a landslide victory, the "Popular Front" Prime Minister position could go to an outsider. This means that Yatsenyuk, who put the Western coup in place may lose seat head of government.

Already it is clear that in the new parliament, where the entire detachments sent to the candidates from the front , the power to rule. Vladimir Klitschko, whose party BLOW is in coalition with the president today after 15 minutes left in the nation and compared himself to Bruce Almighty.

Oleg Lyashko whose Radical Party is now in second place in the polls, right from the TV screen has promised to shoot oligarch Kolomoiskiy if he touches a finger on his mother.

Yulia Tymoshenko and her "Fatherland" is now in third place. She expressed surprise that in the idea of the Verkhovna Rada there should be created a special group that will deal with the problems of the south-east of the country. That's because the residents of Donbass can not choose their deputies to the new parliament. In that territory of the ATO residents will not vote. In opposition politicians who supported the south-east, the chances to overcome the 5 percent barrier in this election - the realm of fantasy. Simply go to the candidate Darth Vader .

The Central Election Commission of Ukraine has held a coin toss for anyone who will speak on state television. The first on the list - "Right sector."

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