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Two days on the front line the roads: from Lugansk to Azov region.

Summaries of militia Novorossia

Report Andrew Krasnoshchekova. Two days on the front line the roads: from Lugansk to Azov region.

  October 28 - 29.I.
Observations of the world around them and the current military situation in the Donbass  
In Lugansk Donetsk now can be rolled back "one day". Path for not wanting to meet with Ukrainian soldiers now runs through Miner, snowy, Hartsyzsk. Here, however, you will also meet a couple dozen checkpoints where soldiers check the documents states. They do it each in his own way: someone looks out the window, smiling, someone imperiously waved his hand, the other is not healthy simply asks trunk show. Documents of the press, even without research "ethnicity" as a rule, cause respectful cordiality. Sometimes the rebels, hearing the word "journalists" surprised guards, and then the supervisor (usually on a post-it young local lad years to 23) calls on the radio, "the elder." Senior comes, sees a press card, passport and wants more thoroughly enjoyable road. Sometimes warns: "There in front of Bach." Or: "Yesterday there postrelivat dill."

The path between the "capital of the Republic" in places very picturesque, often tortuous. And almost always completely broken road. White Geely our taxi driver constantly creaks, pops, bangs suspension. Sometimes broken not only expensive.

On the border of the DNI and the LC can see a kind of border post: Ilich handed "fly", the Russian flag was hung. On the fence on the left inscription oily brush "Glory to Stalin!". In the next post flag with SPAS-Christ. At that time thought that the southeast armed rebellion of his paradoxical ideological stuffing reminds Moscow in October 1993.

Meanwhile, the gray militia draws attention as I photograph the monument, smiling:
- Ours did not flunk it when we actually ..!
Another asks, pointing to a plastic box on a concrete block:
- Clutter not toss?

We go further. Suddenly realize that you need to pull over to the curb. On an opposite rattled moving tank column. At least 10 trucks. Rented directly from the salon and already foresee resonance tweeted seeing a Russian flag on one of the tanks. Which field to manipulate mass consciousness! Photos can easily imagine a column moving from the Russian border, we can provide geo-tag and give the photograph has some "sensationalism". However, as no sign it - allotted to twitter almost immediately begins to live his life. But that's not all of the readers of luminous bands realize that wishing séparer from Ukraine (and clearer - separatists) ride here in armored vehicles under the Russian banner with the ending of April. Yes and armored vehicles in different states can be found in many front-line villages: although every hour "sensation" is issued.

Along the way the sun, but sometimes downright terrible pictures. Here rural rotation, and all ten houses on it burned to a brick foundation. On the other side of the melt blacken shopping kiosks. We can not stay here for a shooting in a hurry.

We're going for Lugansk, to the village boldly. There's more than two weeks was kept surrounded by the gang Ukrainian Airborne. In the evening of the previous day, October 27, after the ultimatum Command LC they left position, leaving part of the art, taking part with him. The situation remained unclear. But as explained later deputy minister of defense with the callsign "Communist", led a column from the post he had, in the first APC. Thanks to the team from the Ukrainian side for the understanding of the "act". Called fratricidal war, and noted that the excess blood Luhansk fighters do not want to. I looked at his leather cap with a red star on his eyes and felt is firm, but this man is tired.


At the very Bahmutke - road between bold and good, with panoramic views of the Slavyanoserbsk we find seriously the strengthening checkpoint. Not permitted to shoot. Many men in hats, a "pixel" Russian camouflage or "slides". I say four. Two admit that from Russia, a couple more that local. Here suddenly learn that Slavyanoserbsk whether all, or at the edge - busy APU. However, this was the case when the newcomers themselves still do not really owned furnishings. On the horizon at this time already familiar fumes that and do not want to shoot. Becomes obvious only that river for Slavyanoserbsk - hot front portion.

- Our goal repel the attack on the field - in the direction of the shows that the named Russian.
On the other corner of the junction of more Slavs, overgrown, at least with unshaven and sometimes beards. The popularity of "Cossack" symbolism, as on the sleeves and on the cars. At the office closer to Lugansk and does meet the Bulgarians.

On the way back to Donetsk taxi driver tries another road. At dusk, the whistle of the brakes. Just do not roll off the bridge collapse. Go look around darken some mortar holes. The bridge itself over the railroad tracks likely undermined specifically. Unfolds.

In the morning, make a decision to go in the direction of Donetsk Sea of ​​Azov. NSDC message "Press Center ATO" talk about "shelling terrorists" and other villages Talakovka. Militia in their stream declares throwing missiles "Castle" in his direction. Need to check.

Way back passes entirely through ganged up on Kiev area. It would be possible through Volnovakha but sorry time: recent experience with Debaltseve where Ukrainian soldiers were although friendly, but kept half an hour, and not having started anywhere, proves once again that even the European press on this war is easier to work with the parties' separatists. "They and talkative, and friendly. And not waiting for the word "senior" to make any move. Anarchy, libertines? Partly possible. Different commanders with their orders.

That came in Telmanovo. The small town where there was even a tea. Learn the name of the local commandant, go to his office in a former police station. On the table portretik Stalin. Says quite frankly about the situation. Gray, discreet. There is no doubt that with the Donbass. Sends areas villages bows Tavriceskoye. There foremost, find group militia. I recognize the voice of local warlords. He, in "arafatki" argues, sunlit, near downed and repaired BMD, that does not understand why it was necessary to "truce" which is not observed. Argues that the New Russia takes place, as a state, no matter what. 

And he adds:
- We do not consider themselves terrorists. If we were terrorists, then we would be afraid of the people. And they are not afraid. So someone is lying. A lie is not good.
Several units intact shells, but very battered the whole armor of light, he calls "completely wrung out by the Ukrainians." Shows on-plastered white stripes.
We sit in his taxi in front of the car with the same commander. Lucky and features of the hills on the other side of the river Kalmius (front line): behold, they say, for something those stacks tanks "Ukropov" but for them scrub the same MLRS "Grad". To the place where he points - two and a half kilometers. And right next to us a little village.

- Shelling out this village yesterday, smashed home and we were not there - continues commander.
But now they are here, though a small group. And we are close to them. Once again look at the guessing away from us armor, with guns pointing at us and decide not to stay.
Proximity to road wanders boy of 9 and with it the guy of 14 years, with speech impairments. Shows the hole from the mines in the road reveals a hand with a large splinter. 

Asking small:
- Do not be scared?
- Yes, these fragments here very much. And there, and there - do not understand the question boy. Smiling.

Going further, on Novoazovsk. Another roadblock delaying us. Young guy totally naive, seems Donetsk and says:
- Senior told you to hold
- And still commanded to feed - I'm kidding.
- So are you hungry? Want to stew?
Consider blatantly not camouflaged cabins, process firewood. Then again, I ask the radio from a soldier trying to convince someone on the opposite end of the line to drop us in the direction of Novoazovsk.

  - No. The order of the commander.
  The voice on the air refers to the fact that "Ukrainians have intensified the work of artillery" and, he says, "we are concerned for your safety."
On the way back to Donetsk learn that in shelling in the triangle Mariupol-Telmanovo-Novoazovsk blamed each other for both sides. The blogosphere is actively connected to the charges. War with sprawling fields around us goes into the plane "who pereret vitit."

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Something very, very interesting has happened in Novorussia | The Saker

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Something very, very interesting has happened in Novorussia

Something fantastically interesting has happened in Novorussia: two senior Novorussian commanders, Igor Bezler and Alexei Mozgovoi have attempted to communicate with those Ukrainians who are on the other side.

Though I am not sure about the exact dates of the events (all I have is the dates of the posting on YouTube), this apparently began when Igor Bezler agreed to be interviewed by three TV crews at the same time: a Russian one, a Novorussian one, and a Ukrainian one.  The big news here was, of course, that a Ukrainian journalist was given access to the city of Gorlovka, currently surrounded by Ukrainian forces, and that she got to speak with the local people, including combatants and then that she was given access to Bezler himself.   Since all the journalists were more or less openly accusing each other of "filtering the truth" all parties agreed that the full recording, unedited, would be made available on YouTube.  Now please keep in mind that in Banderastan, Russian journalists are blacklisted, Russian TV stations banned, and that the people in the junta controlled Ukraine are told that the other side are terrorists and Russian soldiers.  Oh, and the Ukrainian media is the most disgusting, sold out, subservient, propagandistic you can imagine.  And then suddenly, at least one Ukrainian TV crew agrees to show the face of one of the most feared Novorussian commanders and he get's to speak his mind.

But the next event was even more amazing.  Alexei Mozgovoi agreed to a videoconference with not only Ukrainian journalists, but with actual field commanders of the Ukrainian military.  To see Mozgovoi and the Ukrainians speak directly to each other was absolutely amazing.  And here I have to apologize.  I will not ask our translators to translate and subtitle the full thing.  First, there were not one, but two such videoconferences.  Then, we are talking about three long videos, see for yourself:

Bezler interview: Published on Oct 21, 2014 (length: 2 hours 17 min)

First videoconference of Mozgovoi: Published on Oct 22, 2014 (length: 1 hour 20 mins)

Second videoconference of Mozgovoi: Published Oct 28, 2014 (length:1 hour 51 mins)

I do hope that somebody somewhere will translate it all, but this is way too big a load for me to ask any of our volunteers.

Also, these are very complex videos.  There are discussions, some short moments of yelling and interrupting, there is cross-talk and there are even two songs.  This is complex, very emotional stuff, very hard to convey in a translated text.  Besides, who will have the time to sit through it all?

No, what I propose is to share with you the elements which struck me so much.

But first I need to clarify an important point: while the original idea apparently had been to have combatants talking to combatants, the Ukrainian side only had a few commanders and a few activists.  The Novorussian side was composed of actual soldiers.  Apparently, the Ukrainian side did not feel comfortable putting their foot-soldiers on the spot.

First and foremost, it was amazing to see how much both sides fully agreed upon.  Both sides agreed that this war was useless and only benefited the enemies of the Ukraine.  Both sides expressed contempt, disgust and even hatred for the politicians in power and the oligarchs who rule over Banderastan today.   Both sides also agree that Yanukovich was a scumbag and that the Maidan protests were absolutely legitimate but that the original protests had been hijacked by enemies of the Ukraine.  Both sides also agreed that this war had to be stopped.  Now, please keep in mind that Ukrainian Nazis were, of course, not invited.  These were mainly regular Ukrainian military speaking to Novorussian military and Ukrainian activists speaking to Mozgovoi.   There were also some real disagreements.

The Ukrainian position was this (paraphrase - not real quote): "the Maidan was legitimate and correct but you - the Novorussians - took up arms and you thereby created a crisis which the illegitimate junta used and which prevented us from defending our political goals.  We don't want our country to further break up and what you are doing is exactly that.  Also, we know that the Russian "Polite Armed Men in Green" are fighting on your side and many of you are not representing true Ukrainian interests, but Russian interests.  Stop fighting and join the political process to clean our country from the crazies".

To which Mozgovoi replied (paraphrase - not real quote): "we did not choose to fight, you came to our land and you are killing our people.  If you really want to clean Kiev from the Nazi scum, then don't stand between us and Kiev and let us pass - we will take care of them no problem.  You are taking orders from Nazis and oligarchs and you are doing nothing to stop them from killing our people.  If we were to lay down our arms, we would all be massacred.

One interesting thing was that when the Ukrainians accused the Novorussians of doing Russia's bidding, Mozgovoi replied that the Ukrainians were pawns of the CIA and, amazingly, the Ukrainians pretty much agreed that the CIA was running the show.  As for Mozgovoi, he did not deny that Russia was helping.

Both sides were expressing frustration that they could not unite their forces and jointly get rid of the oligarchs and Nazis.

During the Bezler interview, there was one amazing moment was when the Ukrainian crew asked Bezler if he spoke Ukrainian, to which he replied that 'yes'.  Unconvinced, the Ukrainian crew asked him if he could recite a poem by the famous poet Taras Shevchenko.  Then, to everybody's surprise, Bezler recited the poem "to the Poles" in which Sevchenko describes how happy the Cossaks were,

Until in the name of Christ
ксьондзи (Latin Priests) came and set afire
To our quiet paradise. And spilled 

A huge sea of tears and blood,
And killed and crucified orphans 

In the Name of Christ
The heads of Cossacks then dropped
Like trampled grass,
The Ukraine cried, and moaned!
And the head after head
Fell to the ground. As if enraged,
A priest furious tongue
Screamed: «Te Deum! Hallelujah! .. "
And this is how my Polish friend and brother!
Evil priests and rich men
Separated us from each other
When we could have lived together happy

[nb: this is my own translation, I could not find this poem in English anywhere; as any Russian, I mostly understand Ukrainian, but I can easily misunderstand a word or expression so, caveat emptor, and don't take this translation to the bank!  The Saker]

It was quite amazing to see how well Bezler spoke Ukrainian and how he used this opportunity to remind his Ukrainian counterparts how already in the past they were used and manipulated by Russia and Orthodoxy -hating westerners, and he did so using verses of their own national hero!

In another rather surreal moment, a Novorussian solider took out a guitar and sang a song about the war.  The Ukrainians were clearly moved, although they were also disturbed by the fact that the song repeatedly said that these were "Russians fighting Russians".  This issue came up several again later in the conversation.  From the Novorussian point of view, the Ukrainians were also part of the "Russian cultural realm" (as opposed to state or nationality) albeit with a different accent and a different history.  The Ukrainians insisted that they were a different nationality, albeit one with strong ties to the "Russian cultural realm".

During both the Bezler and Mozgovoi interviews the issue of prisoners was raised.  Both sides reported that their men were mistreated and even tortured while in captivity.  Interestingly, during the Bezler interview there were two Ukrainian officials present, one human right activist and another who was representing the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense for the topic of POWs.  They both readily admitted that Bezler treated the Ukrainian prisoners not as prisoners at all, but as guests: they were free to walk around, they ate and slept with Bezler's men, they were treated with kindness and hospitality. In once instance he even fed them red caviar!  But the very same Bezler openly admitted that "we take no prisoners from the Nazi death squads" confirming  what I have said many times: the Russian kindness and generosity towards Ukrainian POWs only extends to regular army units - captured death squad members are immediately executed.

There are hundred of small moments and exchanges which I wish I could convey to you, but that would take too much space and time.  What I will say is that it was quite amazing to see enemies talking to each other in a very friendly manner.  I was also amazed at how readily the Ukrainians agreed that the Ukraine must rid herself from the Nazis and the oligarchs.  In various occasions people on both sides said "let's do that together!".  Others were more dubious.  Frankly, I am extremely impressed by the courage and decency of many of the Ukrainians in these interviews who, while standing their ground on the issue of the territorial integrity of the Ukraine, quite openly said how much they hated the Nazis and the oligarchs.  I sure hope that God will protect these men for their courage.

Both Bezler and Mozgovoi looked very, very good.  The latter especially surprised me by explicitly stating that his goal was regime change in Kiev and not just the separation of Novorussia which he clearly sees as a only temporary solution and as a necessary self-defense measure.  Clearly, both Bezler and Mozgovoi are first and foremost anti-Nazis and both of them see that there is not "Novorussian solution".  Mozgovoi explicitly stated that he think that both sides could live together if the Ukrainians got rid of their Nazis and oligarchs.

While I have always said that the only possible stable solution of the crisis is a de-nazification of the Ukraine and a conversion of the current Banderastan into a "mentally sane" Ukraine, I am not naive and I also see that this might take a decade or more.  However, seeing how Mozgovoi and his Ukrainian counterparts agreed on the need to de-nazify and de-oligarchise (is that English?) I see that there is hope because the bottom line is this: both sides have much more in common than what separates them!

Again, these were regular Ukrainians, not crazed Nazi death-squad members, I understand that.  And the two sides do disagree on fundamental issues.  I see that too.  But I also see that there is a basis, a minimum in common, to negotiate.  This does not have to be a war of extermination.

The Ukraine as we knew her is dead.  Now we have Crimea and Novorussia which are gone forever, and a rump-Ukraine I call "Banderastan" which is occupied by the US CIA, Ukie Nazis and oligarchs.  My hope is that the just as the Ukrainian civil war turned into a war for the self-determination and liberation of Novorussia, so will the war for self-determination and liberation of Novorussia turn into a war for the liberation of Banderastan from its US/Nazi/oligarchic occupiers.  If that happens and if a new Ukraine eventually emerges, then I have no doubt that the people of the Ukraine will agree that each region should have the right of self-determination ranging from cultural right to full separation.  Only then will we really find out which regions want to stay and which ones want to leave forever.

In the meantime, I am very positively impressed by the Novorussian field commanders.  Bezler and Mozgovoi of course, but also Givi, Motorola, Zakharchenko, Kononov  and the others are all strong figures capable of both fighting and talking.  Strelkov, alas, is still more or less in political no man's land and I am very concerned about his proximity with the blogger el-Murid who is clearly a "gateway" to the "hurray-patriots" and "Putin bashers" which are being used by the Empire to try to discredit Putin. Still, the political infighting amongst Novorussian leaders continues and there is still no clear leader.  Hopefully, the upcoming elections will help to solve this issue.

The Saker

Was Netherlands to cautious when investigating #MH17?

Was Netherlands to cautious when investigating #MH17?
Wrakstukken en persoonlijke bezittingen op de rampplek
Wreckage and personal belongings at the scene ANP

Translated by: @Adam1Baum

Oct 2014 15:53
As for Ukraine, the Netherlands could have made direct agreements with the rebels over access to the disaster area. Or so says several Ukrainian protagonists in the diplomatic negotiations after the disaster against Nieuwsuur. Netherlands hadn't contact with the rebels.

"Moral obligation"
Ukraine didn't even question the way the Netherlands had acted in the first days after the disaster of MH17. Kiev was not opposed to the Netherlands starting dialogue with the rebels on access to the disaster area, alleges Minister Pavlo Klimkin of Foreign Affairs: "We couldn't, as Donetsk People's Republic is not recognized by Ukraine." But access to the crash site surely was not a political matter, it was a moral obligation." And the colonel and army spokesman Andrey Lysenko says: "The Dutch government should do everything to get full information."

Negotiating with the rebels meant the Dutch government had to recognize the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk. "The Netherlands is an EU state, Ukraine is a state that part of Ukraine is in contravention of international law. We do not recognize it," said Prime Minister Rutte two months ago. "I'd Like a rebel movement part of Gelderland would have occupied, in the Netherlands there is also great difficulty as my German or French colleague would talk to them."

"Come quickly" 
The Dutch researchers came only two weeks after the crash at the crash site. The OSCE says in Nieuwsuur still regrest this. "The first few days were most crucial: the crash site was vulnerable, was our ​​message. Get here as fast as possible", OSCE spokesman Michael Bociurkiw said. He was there on behalf of the OSCE as one of the first responders in the disaster area.

Direct Contact
Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia negotiated directly with the rebels, with the result that his country could quickly secure the black boxes. The government of President Poroshenko had no objection. "Malaysia even signed formal documents with the People's Republic of Donetsk, but had no political or legal consequences. If it works, we are OK with that," said Minister of Foreign Affairs Klimkin.

The international research team, meanwhile, still has not been there to investigate the scene. Netherlands hasn't even retrieved any of the personal belongings of passengers MH17. In response, the Malaysian ambassador in Netherlands, Fauziah Mohd Taib, said that her country was the only ones  involved in the operation, and it wass reflected in her frustration. "We are, in spite of repeated requests by our side, not involved in the joint investigation team led by the Netherlands. And while it comes to our national airline. We want to do justice to the victims who perished in the disaster."

 July, 17th 2014
The crash of the MH17 where a total of 298 people including 43 Malaysians, 284 victims have now been identified.
For more about MH17 Go Here:

The first phase of Kiev offensive has begun

The first phase of Kiev offensive has begun

"Adviser to the President of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said on 'Cannel 5' that the truce in the East of the country was necessary for the manufacture of weapons and equipment, as well as for time to get military and financial aid from the West."

"The first phase of the planned operation has begun. In particular, the punishers troops try to block approaches to Donetsk to completely cut off the city from supplies. So far the militia successfully prevented these attempts in local fights and kept control over the approaches to the capital of the Republic, which ensure deliveries of humanitarian aid."

"Poroshenko himself, has said that neither he nor the command of the Ukrainian army never gave orders to shoot at human settlements. The same was reiterated by Ukrainian Defense Minister. If that is true, then the shelling of cities and towns in Donbass is the responsibility of illegal armed groups (IAG's). According to the norms of international law they should be disarmed or destroyed."

"The question of the need to curb the activity of IAG's that do not obey the orders of the Kiev needs to be discussed at the United Nations. "It is necessary to ask the UN to oblige the leadership of Ukraine within weeks to disarm the IAG's. If this does not happen, Russia has the right to send 'Iskanders' to firing points" - stated major General of Aviation and Hero of the Soviet Union, Aleksandr Rutskoy to the 'Special Correspondent' on Russian TV channel One."

Translated by Kristina

The fourth Donbass humanitarian convoy to go today

The fourth Donbass humanitarian convoy to go today

Donetsk and Lugansk today went fourth Emergencies Ministry convoy carrying humanitarian aid, reports "Interfax". Convoy of 50 trucks out of Noginsk.
International Red Cross in organizing the convoy will not take part.
"We have information about this convoy, the intention is to provide humanitarian assistance, and we welcome any help from either side of the Donets Basin, where people are in a difficult situation ... However, the ICRC is in no way involved in the organization of the current humanitarian convoy," - said the head Department of Public Relations of the ICRC regional delegation in Moscow Victoria Zotikova.
Recall that the situation in the region bordered by the humanitarian catastrophe. As a result of the fighting people of Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republic experiencing an acute shortage of food, drinking water, medicines and other essentials. As a result of the shelling destroyed health and educational institutions, utilities do not work, can not be the organization of the heating season.
Earlier, Russia sent in Donbass three humanitarian convoys. Their passage through the Russian-Ukrainian border was accompanied by a number of difficulties and recriminations.

Humanitarian convoys for Donbass stopped to rest at Voronezh

Motorcade MOE, which was launched on the eve of the suburbs, with humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine arrived in Voronezh region, where he stopped to rest, according to the deputy head of the National Center for Crisis Management Emergency Ministry Oleg Ravens.
During parking drivers also refuel cars, testing their technical condition and continue the path in the Rostov region.

Swedish intelligence "joked" No Russian submarine was there...

Naval intelligence Sweden said that information about the submarine in the Stockholm Archipelago, which allegedly received a distress signal in Russian, is a joke. Reported daily morning newspaper in Sweden Dagens Nyheter.
Thus, the publication of a request to the Naval Intelligence copy recordings allegedly intercepted signals. Typically, such information in whole or in part is confidential and shall only be issued when requesting a formal link to the details of the required document, it is possible to get acquainted with this or that information is not always available.
If the link is not issued, the decision can be appealed administratively. The publication indicated that the scouts have not provided any data, since no interceptions were not there.
"I guess I just wonder, as you read about the Russian signal for help. But nothing of the kind, is incorrect, "- said the publication of an unnamed senior intelligence official. According to him, this story is nothing more than rumors and someone's fantasies.

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MH370: New Evidence Shows Additional Israeli Connections


MH370: New Evidence Shows Additional Israeli Connections


MH370: New Evidence Shows Additional Israeli Connections

by Keith Maart, for Veterans Today

This paper provides important updates to an article published on on April 26, 2014, entitled: “MH370: Evidence of a False Flag”. Among other important findings, that article presented as evidence the following facts or inferences:
• GA Telesis (GAT) had an identical Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 to MH370 sitting in a hangar in Israel when MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014.
• Although an apparent legitimate business operation, GAT also appears to act as an intelligence front organization.
• GAT’s founder and CEO, Abdol Moabery, was in the U.S. Navy and evidence suggests that he is probably associated with Naval Intelligence.
• GAT acquired an Israeli-run aviation company in 2011 which probably had contracts and connections with the Israeli government and military.
• Naval Intelligence in Diego Garcia was probably involved in MH370’s disappearance and the plane was apparently flown there the morning of March 8, 2014.
• The above evidence suggests that MH370’s disappearance was part of a false flag operation (now exposed) involving Naval Intelligence and Israel to frame Iran and foment a war with that country.
This article provides several important updates to my original article which strengthen the above findings and provide additional evidence that MH370’s disappearance was probably related to the exposed false flag operation. In particular, it will provide new information showing Israel’s motives and means to carry out a covert operation to falsely implicate Iran that would have probably resulted in a bombing attack against Iran. The new evidence also suggests that Abdol Moabery is probably an Iranian Jew who stood to benefit along with Israel and certain institutions in the U.S. from a war that would have decimated Iran and probably toppled the current Iranian regime in favor of a more friendly one to the US and Israel.
New GAT Press Release Still Mum on Their Malaysian Airlines 777 in Israel. My original article noted that GAT was nearly two months late in issuing their fourth quarter 2013 press release summarizing the quarter’s operations and stating their intended use for the Malaysian Airlines 777 sitting in Tel Aviv. Three business days after that article was published GAT finally released their fourth quarter 2013 operating summary along with the first quarter 2014 results. Although GAT noted that they acquired a Boeing 777 during this time period, they did not state the plane’s carrier name or the intended use for their Malaysian Air 777 like they have in some previous press releases. Thus the status of GAT’s Malaysian Airlines 777 in Israel is not known at this time.
This author called Rebecca Longo of GAT several times during the week of May 5, 2014, to try to confirm the current status of GAT’s Malaysian Airlines 777 and its intent for the plane. Ms. Longo is Vice President of GAT’s Aircraft Systems Group and the contact person on the press release. Despite leaving several messages on her voicemail stating that I had a couple of questions relating to the April 30, 2014, press release, Ms. Longo never returned the call. Although Ms. Longo told me on April 2, 2014, that the plane was in Israel for eventual scrapping, that does not appear to be the case. Current FAA records show that the GAT’s Malaysian Airlines 777 is not retired or disassembled and has a current registration valid to October 2016.
Confirmed: George Soros Provided GAT Seed Money. The original article noted that Moabery probably did not have the money to start a capital intensive business like GAT and that its ownership is not known because it is a privately held company. It’s now been confirmed that Hungarian Jewish billionaire George Soros did provide the start-up funds for GAT in 2002. Moabery apparently worked for one of Soros’s companies, C-S Aviation, as Director of Marketing and Sales. However, Moabery’s internet autobiography does not include the dates that he worked for C-S Aviation, and his stated position with the company appears to have exceeded his supposed navy and college experience at the time.
Per a 2009 article in Smart Business Network, Soros provided GAT’s seed money in the form of a loan that was allegedly paid off 18 months later (loan probably from a Soros related company). It’s not known if Soros retains an ownership in GAT and it appears that there may be as many as five other owners. A 2009 article in Smart Business Network noted that Moabery along with five industry friends launched the company in 2002. However, the names of Moabery’s friends are not known or if they have an ownership interest in GAT.
New Information Relating to GAT’s 2011 Acquisition of Israeli-Run Company. The original article noted that GAT acquired the Israeli-run company, Ultimate Aircraft Composites (UAC), in January 2011, and that its former Israeli CEO, Aviv Tzur, was the Executive Chairman of GAT’s subsidiary company, GA Telesis Composite Repair Group (GAT CRP). Despite Businessweek showing that Tzur holds the Executive Chairman position, people at GAT and its subsidiary did not know Aviv Tzur when I called GAT. In a phone call I had with Tzur on May 5, 2014, Tzur claimed that he had no association with GAT or any of its subsidiary companies. However, in a phone call with investigative reporter Chris Bollyn, Tzur stated only the guys at the top of GAT would know about his position with the company.
When acquiring UAC, a GAT press release noted that UAC had contracts for the repair of military components for various governmental and military agencies, and that the acquisition would make GAT more competitive in this area. I asked Mr. Tzur which governments UAC had contracts with but he stated he would not divulge this information. With Tzur and other senior officers of UAC being Israeli, it is probable they had contracts with Israel’s government. A pertinent question at this point is, did GAT’s Malaysian Airlines 777 in Tel Aviv have anything to do with Tzur, or the probable Israeli government connections of UAC, or did Moabery already have Israeli connections? Tzur further noted in the phone call that he had known Abdol Moabery for a “long time.”
Why Malaysia was a Likely Israeli Target Along with Iran. Malaysia was one of the first countries to recognize the State of Palestine in the United Nations in 1988 (there are currently a majority134 countries in the UN that do this). In January 2013, to the dismay of Israeli leaders, Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, became the first non-Arab head of state to visit the Gaza area in a show of support for the Israeli-blockaded enclave. In November 2013, the unofficial, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (“KLWCC”), found Israel guilty of genocide of the Palestinian people and found former Israeli general Amos Yaron guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide for his involvement in the Sabra and Shatila massacres. However, the KLWCC carries no penalties for the guilty and is basically symbolic in nature.
Those who know Israel know that Malaysia’s recent stinging slights to the State had another Israeli war criminal Arial Sharon turning over in his eight year coma. It would not be out of the ordinary for Israel to wiretap and blackmail officials in the Malaysian government to go along with their demands, like the pathetic and probably corrupt second-world Malaysian police official(s) who insanely stated that their blatantly photoshopped pictures of the alleged Iranians with the stolen passport was because they photocopied one photo over the other.
Unlike the many wealthy but worthless Arab countries in the Israel/Palestine region, Malaysia has shown a will to stand up to Israel, but apparently paid a price when MH370 became part of an Israeli/US attempted false flag operation. Fortunately, Israel’s part in the operation was exposed this time around before they were able to execute it and good prevailed over evil in this instance. Unfortunately, Israel’s and U.S. neocons decade long quest to attack Iran under false pretexts is not going to end with this small set back and we may not be as lucky with their Plan B.
Moabery’s Motives and Means: Evidence Suggests Abdol Moabery is Probably of Iranian Jew Descent
My original article noted that little is known about Abdol Moabery before he started GAT in 2002. Very little information could be found on his early years or if he was even born in the USA. Evidence uncovered in the last two weeks suggests that Moabery is probably an Iranian Jew who could benefit in several ways if the US ever attacked Iran and toppled its current regime. Although the evidence is not 100% conclusive, it provides a number of material facts showing that Moabery is probably of Iranian Jewish descent (first or second generation). The question at this point is why does Moabery seem to be hiding his Iranian and Jewish roots?
The surname Moabery is very unusual and a nationwide search of people with that last name turned up only four people (excluding Abdol’s wife, Cathy) in the entire U.S. The four people’s names are Abdol, Robebeh, Esfandiar, and Roozbeh. All these Moabery’s appear related as they all shared two similar residential addresses in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. All four of these first names are also Persian names with Esfandiar (father) and Robebeh (mother) appearing to be Abdol’s parents and Roozbeh appearing to be Abdol’s older brother. In fact, Abdol may be named after the ex-Iranian statesman and diplomat Abdol Sardari. Sardari is best known for saving the lives of many Jews during the Holocaust and is often referred to as the “Schindler of Iran.” It would be appropriate for an Iranian Jew to be named after a Jewish savior like Abdol Sardari.
One of the few confirmed facts about Abdol before GAT is that he graduated from William Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California in 1985. Somewhat more bizarrely, Abdol apparently played a bit part in a 1988 B movie. According to popular movie website IMDB, Abdol Moabery played a dancer in a nightclub in the action movie “Deadly Addiction.” This would have been during the time that Abdol probably should have been in the US Navy.
In addition to Abdol’s Jacksonville, FL and Warrenton, VA addresses discussed in the original article, he also shows about a half dozen previous addresses in the southern Palm Beach County towns of Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida. This immediate area was also home to several 9/11 alleged hijacker cells and most of Moabery’s addresses were 5 to 10 miles from the hijacker’s apartments with one of Moabery’s homes being only a quarter mile from pilot hijackers Marwan Shehhi’s apartment. The Southeast Florida area also has the third highest Jewish population in the US and the second highest Jewish concentration. Strangely, one of Robebeh Moabery’s (Abdol’s apparent mother) old addresses is a “Navy Unit, Fleet Post Office,” an address which suggests she may have been in the US Navy or spent some time on a navy ship for some reason.
The Los Angeles area has the largest Iranian and Iranian Jewish population in the USA, with many Iranians coming to America after the Shah of Iran was overthrown in late 1979. Although the numbers are somewhat debatable and fluid, estimates of the L.A. area Iranian and Iranian Jew population is approximately 400,000 to 500,000, and 45,000 to 72,000, respectively. Thus L.A.’s Iranian Jew population appears to approximate 10% to 15% of the total area’s Iranian population. Interestingly, the affluent town of Beverly Hills has one of the highest percentages of Iranian Jews at approximately 26% of the total population. Many of the Iranian Jews now in the US prospered under the Shah of Iran and would benefit significantly from a war with Iran that would result in regime change re-installing a secular Iranian government.
There’s miniscule doubt that Moabery is of Iranian descent, the only question is when did he and his family move to the US and whether he is an Iranian Jew. According to Wikipedia and other sources, the San Fernando Valley towns of Tarzana, Woodland Hills, and Encino have sizable Iranian Jewish populations. It just so happens that the two San Fernando Valley addresses that are common to all four Moabery’s are in Tarzana and Woodland Hills. In fact, the Tarzana address is about a half mile from the Jewish Temple Judea. Many orthodox and other religious Jews live within walking distance of a temple because of the tradition of not lighting a fire on the weekly Sabbath (such as a car’s ignition to drive to a temple).
The last piece of evidence suggesting Abdol Moabery is probably an Iranian Jew is his surname. Although apparently neither a typical Iranian or Jewish surname, the name Moabery has Judaic biblical significance. According to the Torah, Moab was the son of Lot, and therefore the nation of Moab was related to the Israelites. The Moabites settled east of the Dead Sea (present day Jordan), had a highly developed culture, and spoke the Hebrew language. During the Exodus period, part of the Moab kingdom was taken by the Amorites but Israel would later capture the territory. Coincidently, a worldwide search of the surname Moabery turned up no matches in any country. Are the Moabery’s religious zealots who think their lineage goes back to the biblical Moab, and if so, might they be capable of acts of religious extremism for Israel?
Although not totally conclusive, the above evidence indicates that Abdol Moabery is almost certainly of Iranian descent and is probably an Iranian Jew. It also appears that Moabery probably has direct connections to the Israeli government from GAT’s acquisition of the Israeli-run company UAC. Couple Moabery’s probable Jewish identity and Israeli connections with his likely naval intelligence associations and you have an individual highly motivated to assist in a false flag operation that would implicate Iran and benefit Israel and certain elements of the US military-industrial complex. Israel, Naval Intelligence, and even the mysterious Abdol Moabery had the motives, means, and opportunities to participate in an attempted covert operation to frame Iran and to help initiate a long sought war with the country that would benefit all of them.
A war and regime change in Iran would undoubtedly provide geopolitical and economic benefits to certain individuals and institutions in the US, to Israel, and even to Iranian Jews who once flourished under the US supported corrupt and brutal Shah of Iran. Obama’s call for a diplomatic resolution to Iran’s nuclear program is not something that the US military industrial complex and Israel wanted to hear. With about four hundred one-ton bunker buster bombs at Diego Garcia waiting to be used against Iran, and the country with the second largest oil reserves in the world wanting peace, the war mongering parties do not want anything to do with diplomatic solutions. Although Israel’s and the US military’s role in a false flag operation has been exposed in this case, these parties will not stop at this slight setback and that’s why it’s important to keep attacking these morally twisted individuals and institutions before they attempt to attack again.
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