Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Zionist Facebook deleted our publication about fascist Ukrainian doctor who killed 2 POW by injection.

Zionist Facebook deleted our publication about fascist Ukrainian doctor who killed 2 POW by injection.

This morning, 10 hours ago was published story about Elena Krasutskaya, Kiev junta doctor who proudly admitted in murder of POW in social network. Now I receive notification of Facebook that this publication "doesn't follow Facebook Community Standards" and was deleted. Also one of my accounts which I used for publication don't able to publish anything during 24 hours. This way Facebook support Kiev junta.

I want to remind that many pages of Syrian and Libyan "rebels", proudly published videos of executions. This is maybe good for Facebook Community Standards, because these videos weren't deleted. 

This publication was deleted, so I ask to share it again, F*ck off Zukerberb:
"Ukrainian fascist - doctor killed two prisoners from Novorossia by injection.

More than week ago, at 9th September Elena Krasutskaya, doctor in hospital of town Belya Tserkov, near city Kiev wrote about murder in social network. She admitted to her friend in some forum in the social network "Odnoklassniki" that she killed fighter of Novorossia. She wrote: I today as doctor damaged health of captive kazap [Russian] - fighter. And he painfully dying because of used [injected] medicines. And dick [noone] be able to prove [murder]. Pathologists are with us.
And this [death] will be to every [ fighter of Novorossia].

This information was checked by Ukrainian blogger -antifascist and his friends. They got information, that recently in days then in hospital worked doctor Elena Krasutskaya died 2 fighters of Novorossia. So, she admitted in real murder and she killed at least 2 people.

I want to remind that fighters of Novorossia and civilians from Novorossia came to Ukrainian hospitals only after tortures of SBU. Part of them back to SBU to new tortures, SBU - intelligence service of Kiev junta taking from prisoners confessions by tortures.

Kiev junta prisoners who come to hands of such new Mengele, as Elena Krasutskaya could have painful times of their lives and even died.

Ukrainian blogger who made interrogation uploaded video with results to his own channel in Youtube. You can to see there photos of Elena Krasutskaya, her husband and son. Whole family are fascists...

I want to remind that during "Arab spring" doctors in Libya and Syria who choose side of "revolutionaries" became murderers too.

In the Libya, in the cities Benghazi, Misrata and others cities and towns doctors - "revolutionaries" killed black skinned people because "revolution" had racist elements.

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