Saturday, September 6, 2014

Western Leaders in Funny Pics #UnitedForUkraine #Ukraine #Kiev

Western Leaders in Funny Pics #UnitedForUkraine #Ukraine #Kiev

John "the Jaws" Kerry aka John "Caveman" Kerry - US Sec of State

The Four Terrorists

All of them together (minus Obama for some reason) - they are united for Ukraine

United For Ukraine 2 #UnitedForUkraine

Barrak Husein "Big Potty Mouth" Obama

Merkel: "I wanna break free!"

Twerk it girl

A Hole in one Plan

Damn you Obama

Right Sector Militants

The Fall of the Emperor

The X-Ray and DNA proof: Illegal [ Alien ]

Obama's Test Result

The Offspring - Defy You | #Novorossiya Theme Song

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