Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nuland: "... fuck the EU"...The recording that proves the US was the creators of the coup...

Leaked Recording of Conversation Between Nuland and US Ukraine Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt on Ukraine

A recording of a conversation between Obama's dumb security adviser Nuland and even dumber US Ukraine Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt... or maybe it's just Nuland who's the dumbest

Nuland: "... fuck the EU"...The recording proves the US is very busy interfering in the Ukraine's affairs one-sidedly supporting the Galizai opps while also meddling with, and frustrating, the EU's efforts... which is very strange considering the opps are admittedly protesting over Yanukovich not pursuing closer ties with Europe.

The opposition leaders take direct orders from the US Embassy on everything, including on how they should respond to Yanukovich' offers and concessions. It also appears that -- of all the opposition leaders -- they are most concerned about Vitaly Klitschko while the other two -- Yatsenyuk and Tyahnibok are already firmly under their heel and do their bidding. Only Vitaly Klitschko appears to hold out -- he is still an unknown quantity and is not firmly in their camp yet.

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