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Igor Gunmen: Traitors around Putin put New Russia to the brink of military defeat

Igor Gunmen: Traitors around Putin put New Russia to the brink of military defeat

"Revolution from above", launched Vladimir Putin, does not leave liberals chances for political survival: they have only to raise a mutiny

September 25, 2014, 09:00 AM

West and the "fifth column" virtually no secret of their plans for the overthrow of President Putin and the subsequent dismantling of the total Russian

Full text of the speech of the former Minister of Defense of the People's Republic of Donetsk Igor Strelkov at a closed briefing in Moscow on September 11, 2014

Took place exactly one month from the time when I had to leave the post of Minister of Defense and Commander of the host of the DNI. Not to say that the decision was easy for me. Not just had and the circumstances in which it was made. Donetsk and the whole group of the armed forces of the DNI is online environment and with great difficulty repulsed the incessant attacks from all sides punitive. And only a few in the leadership of the republic knew that within the next few days should significant changes occur, and the enemy will be inflicted a decisive defeat. I was one of those few, but could not even hint to his subordinates that soon we will start to attack and win the captured enemy positions.

Before our eyes, in the case once again intervened those forces which previously had almost consumed "Russian Spring" and since then has not left the attempts to destroy the national liberation movement of the Russian people of New Russia.
Even harder was aware that the release of lead left (including - according to my orders in person) cities and towns of Donbass will no longer me. Morally, it was hard to leave his comrades, so to speak, in the "early hours" when the death of many of our business seemed inevitable.
Stay on the circumstances that forced me to retirement, I will not. Let me just say that the decision has paid off, allowing the eve of the offensive combine leadership of the armed forces of the DNI in one hand and avoid many conflicts, like leprosy corrodes the republic, as well as to ensure a reliable supply of our units and all necessary.
Over the past few weeks, the situation on the fronts Novrossii changed dramatically. In most areas of punishers discarded, suffered huge losses and went on the defensive. And the prerequisites for the complete liberation of Donbas punitive troops and troops of the Kiev authorities. Under the blows of the enemy army DNR, snapping, backed away to the west, and the leadership of his troops panicked. But what happened next?

Before our eyes, in the case once again intervened those forces which previously had almost consumed "Russian Spring" and since then has not left the attempts to destroy the national liberation movement of the Russian people of New Russia. There is no such meanness, which is not ready to go, these forces have repeatedly proven themselves in the modern history of the country in the most sinister quality. They, directed from abroad, played a crucial role in the destruction of the Soviet Union in 1991, and then all the 90s openly mocked the peoples of Russia, having arranged an orgy of looting huge Soviet economic and cultural heritage. They put over the remains of our homeland monstrous consequences for liberal experiments, not caring about the consequences for the country, which is called (and still continue to call) with a contemptuous epithet "this." Bacchanalia collapse accompanied provoked their bloody wars, wild rampant crime, immorality, moral decline, the most vile propaganda of all evils, which you can think of, the destruction of economic independence and foreign policy sovereignty.

Even after failing in an attempt to finally finish off Russia in the early 2000s, these forces have not gone away and secretly continued their destructive work in the hope that their time will come again, and at the time they complete the job. However, when dawn broke on the horizon, "Russian Spring", and our country is barely beginning, not in words, but in reality to rise from his knees, trying to rethink the results of Gorbachev's surrender and return of old belonging to her right and territories to achieve real independence as a "fifth column" immediately mobilized all available forces.

The return of the Crimea to Russia not only caused her shock and revolt in New Russia - a real panic, but also made manifest again its true face. "Alerted" and thrown into battle all the numerous agents, successfully for many years in the clothing ryadivshayasya "patriots" and "statesmen" and under this cover has penetrated the highest echelons of power, and even in the environment of the President of Russia. Speaking on the case against the interests of the country and the people, these traitors, however, continue to boldly assert that they are "friends" of the President and his openly subversive and sabotage activities to give out for the only true measures to strengthen Russian statehood.

Where, you ask such arrogance and confidence in their own invulnerability? The explanation is extremely simple: all that is of value to representatives of the "fifth column" - that is, money and other tangible assets, as well as the family and the offspring - a long time ago exported abroad, and save them depends entirely on the mercy of foreign owners.

For five months of fighting Russian people Novorossia fully felt the "fruits" of this kind of subversive activities. At that time, when the Russian military assistance was vital in fact unarmed militia, and when she could almost bloodless lead to the release of all Russian-speaking regions, agents of influence in unison howled about the impossibility of direct and non-military aid to the rebels. Punishers burned people in Odessa, shot with heavy artillery and Slovyansk urgently formed strong army, and penetrated into the Russian leadership facilitators not only sabotaged any military and political assistance to the rebels, but also, in full understanding with PoroshenkoTurchynov , Akhmetov , Taruta and other representatives of the Ukrainian oligarchs, to split the ranks of the militia leadership, prevented the creation of a unified command, and working together to send to the President of Russia placed their traps.

Persistence and dedication of volunteers did not allow punitive quell the uprising until the real help from Russia still has reached the addressee. The militia took the offensive. But here, proved to be traitors to the fullest. On the verge of total defeat punitive army they immediately extending a "helping hand" by arranging a truce and tried in the negotiations "surrender" virtually all the gains of the rebels, giving them at the mercy of the Kiev junta. More shameful agreements than those that are currently being discussed in Minsk, to come up with is simply impossible. And in the meantime, Kiev hastily adds, dovooruzhaet and trains its army is ready to continue the genocide of Russian New Russia.

As a result, we have an even score the same situation, at the very beginning of our movement, but in a much more difficult starting positions. If in April-May in Kiev there was no effective army or support of the population, now punishers mobilized and armed "to the teeth", and the population of Ukraine came under the influence of a massive propaganda widely used methods of neuro-linguistic programming, largely zombie and ceased to distinguish truth from falsehood. During these same months against Russia introduced several packages of economic sanctions, and from the mouth of senior military and diplomats in the West sounded half-forgotten already claim regarding Abkhazia and South Ossetia, overt threats and hear from controlled America Islamist militants. With Russia ready to fight long and seriously.

West and the "fifth column" virtually no secret of their plans for the overthrow of President Putin and the subsequent complete dismantling of Russia, and their "agents of influence" by all means convince the country's leadership that reconciliation is not only possible, but the only need. The fact that nothing but total surrender, Russia's enemies are not satisfied, carefully hidden from the public and, I suppose, even from the President.

Thus, all exceptionally favorable conditions available to the Russian spring, remained unfulfilled, and, on the contrary, we are in the face of continuously increasing military threat. The merit of a "fifth column" in achieving this result is undeniable.

Why so implacably and perhaps even suicidal made ​​our liberals against the president and his course? Why they are so emboldened that challenge him and his policies? In my opinion, there are two main factors, the first of them is that the "fifth column", too, there is no other way but to revolt - yet hidden, but it is just yet. "Revolution from above", launched by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin , leaves them no chance for political survival, and just leave the country in the "earned by overwork" overseas possessions they do not allow foreign hosts.

How critical is not concerned I would have to many onetime domestic policy decisions of the President, in a war waged consider it necessary to speak in support of it as the only legitimate Commander.
The second factor is even more obvious: having a strong presence in the power and considerable financial resources, traitors seriously expect to seize power themselves to continue with gusto on the new stage of the process of cutting the remnants of a once great country and "disposal" of the peoples inhabiting it. But for this they need to plan to spend a lot more preliminaries. In the first place - to deprive President Putin of the widest popular support, which he deservedly received as a result of foreign and domestic stocks in recent years. And what could be more advantageous in this respect than the "drain" of Russian New Russia, followed by the laying on of the President himself of all responsibility for it? After all, the representatives themselves "fifth column", like hyenas, carefully kept in his shadow, while avoiding any publicity.

A path that has already scheduled enemies, quite clear to us clearly. Maximum prolongation of the war, accompanied by as much loss of life and hardships of the Russian population on both sides of the border - that's their problem. Do not give militia even chances to win, on the borders of Russia to create more and more bleeding "ulcer", where it will be, drop by drop, to pour resources and where, as a result of the policy of "step forward - two steps back," will not be achieved decisive success. Simultaneously, the Russian Federation will be assigned an increasing burden of the first of hundreds of thousands and then millions of refugees, and Western sanctions gradually would undermine the financial and economic health of the country, especially as homegrown oligarchs try to shift costs from them is the general population.

The result is that traitors are hoping to bring the situation before the conclusion of the most shameful and humiliating peace, accompanied by a betrayal of the Russian population of Ukraine, to cause more outrage in Russia itself. And then - in full compliance with the waste in the early XX century technologies - Moscow "maidan" in which a supposedly fair indignation merge right and left, the Patriots and the Liberals. Proven scenario in 1905 and 1917 on a "humiliating defeat - the economic crisis - to discredit the authorities - civil unrest - a palace coup" in action again.

In this context, the protection of New Russia and support of its population, are critical to the conservation of Great Russia, the frustration of a "fifth column." If we manage to win there - save Russia. Lose - respectively, lose the remnants of the Fatherland. In this struggle can not be compromised, and the one who will convince her otherwise, consciously or not, bringing grist to the mill of the enemy. "Or - or": - or Russia will restore the real sovereignty in full, or it will be destroyed by a coalition of internal and external oligarchic clans.

Assessing their own place in the fight against the plans of subversive forces, I want to say that made my choice.The main front of the struggle for Russia is being held here. I hope that it is in Russia can do the most good. At the same time emphasize once again that those who hoped or hopes to use myself or my name for destructive purposes, will be sorely disappointed. How critical is not concerned I would have to many, many onetime domestic policy decisions of the President, in a war waged against us certainly consider it necessary to speak in support of it as the only legitimate Commander-in-chief guarantor of freedom and independence. In my opinion, really protect expose the Nazi genocide Novorossia necessary in the first place by exposing and the removal of those of its "well-wishers" who have brought us to the brink of military defeat.

Those who diligently started modeling in the media image of "Colonel Strelkova - the leader of popular protest," to announce that even do not expect that they will be able to buy me a fake praise and promises. The essence of duty officer - to serve his country and his people. To exchange if often thankless, but faithful service to the false fame and popularity in favor of the enemies of the Fatherland - for me the top of the dishonor. Let understand, finally, that there are still people in Russia (and I'm not talking to myself one) who puts duty and decency above their own benefit and vanity. And these people, as the events in the New Russia, a lot more! And we will not allow re-break and ruin Russia as well as destroyed in 1917, the Russian Empire, and in 1991 - the USSR.

Igor Gunmen  

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