Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Colonel Cassad Totalitarian propaganda mouthpiece 7 points Putin Plan & More

7 points Putin
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Asked to comment on Putin voiced proposals for a truce, which appear to have been, and in their interpretation voiced by the press service Poroshenko.
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What we have built over the years?

Well that build unsustainable ugliness, which is now in convulsions is dying, despite attempts to galvanize a corpse that winter will begin to stiffen and covered crisp ice.

The transition to defense
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The events of recent days clearly indicate that the junta goes to strategic defense in the Donbas. ( Read more ... )
Nationalization Kolomoiskiy and "truce" Poroshenko

Against the background of growing disaster at the front Poroshenko sued for peace, and property in the Crimea began Kolomoiskiy absolutely do not hesitate to nationalize. ( Read more ... )
Who will protect Nikolaev?

The case when the Goebbels propaganda obviously overfed and she was right out of your ears pours. ( Read more ... )
Moments of war 02.09
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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
Chronicle of the battle for the Red Ray
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A documentary dedicated to fighting for the Red Ray, where choked last attempt fascist junta Novorossia cut in half by the mechanized group rushing to the city through Faschevku and Vakhrushevo and leaving the southern boiler 1.0 24th mechanized brigade. ( Read more ... )
The situation in the Donbas September 2

Last days clearly demonstrate the effects of the disaster of the Southern Front of the junta. ( Read more ... )
When going to Kiev?
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History is quite vital, just called yesterday from the occupied territories and were interested in how you can on the one hand to avoid the received agenda (options - to flee the country to bribe border guards or military commissar, commit petty crime or an act of self-mutilation), and on the other - to get Donbass and to join the militia. Certainly gave advice and I hope that all of his work.

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