Sunday, August 24, 2014

Truth about situation in Ukraine's latest status update.

Ukraine: What is Really Happening

Truth about situation in Ukraine

status update.

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7,000 Junta troops surrounded in the new ‪#‎Amvrosievka‬ Cauldron on Ukraine's Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine - independence from Donbass!

As the Kiev junta pulls equipment from the battle fields to show it off in the Independence Day parade, its major army group gets trapped in a new cauldron in #Amvrosievka / ‪#‎Blagodatnoye‬.

Trapped ‪#‎Ukraine‬ units:

8th Army Corps

95th airmobile brigade

28th and 30th battalions

Battalions "‪#‎Aydar‬", "‪#‎Shahtersk‬" and "‪#‎Donbass‬"

And, guess what, we are hearing talk about march towards Mariupol, more analysis to come ...

As we turned around to attack raises an interesting point: what are the boundaries of DNI and the LNR, which is a federal State, the new Russia? Kiev did not recognize us, but then we do not recognize the Cues.

Where do you get the idea that we will stop at the borders of the former Donetsk and Lugansk regions? After all that we went through? After neo-Nazi battalions "right sector" and Ukraine? After the Madonna of Horlivka? After the bombing of Russian cities? After sponsorship Support of the Odessa massacre and punitive raids in Donbass?

Acknowledge our independence now and immediately, there is still a small chance to stay within the boundaries of the former areas. Unless, of course, will be offered reparations. And so the new Russia is the real power of today. Militia survived against the regular army of the State with a population of more than 30 million people. And who will stop it now? As soon as we opravimsâ from shocks, our counter-attack would be fatal. We have not forgotten anything and no one is forgiven. The Russians set the border on their own, rather than vizgam the rabid galloping filth. We always have charity, but only to the vanquished. And before that we have only our Russian strength and the Russian will. It seems that some people have forgotten. Have to remind you.

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