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The Dutch investigation report on the crash of MH17 was allegedly sent to Malaysia

The Dutch investigation report on the crash of MH17 was allegedly sent to Malaysia


The suspicion grows, because the report is apparently completed, it should be but not published until the beginning of September

Responsible for the investigation into the crash of flight MH17 on the Eastern Ukraine Dutch Onderzoeksraad Voor Veiligheid (OVV) announced last week that it will still take weeks to the preliminary report would be published. The report would be "the first factual findings" from the data of the voice recorder in the cockpit, the flight data recorders, data and air traffic control radar and satellite images contain ( report on the investigation of the crash of MH17 may still take weeks ).


An understandable reason why the report is not published previously, has not been reported. Once before the publication had been postponed. However, it was known for some time that the data from the flight data recorder and the voice recorder could be won. There would be an insight into the possible cause of the crash.
The suspicion that some political reasons for the postponement could be responsible, nourishes a short report from the Straits Times. It says that the preliminary report on the two black boxes Malaysia had been sent already. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said on Friday, according to the newspaper reporters that all the countries from which citizens had died in the crash of MH17, the report was submitted. And he should have said that the report would be published by the Netherlands in early September. The newspaper reports not know if the minister mentioned a reason why the apparently finished report another week to remain under wraps. If the report of the victim countries or their experts will be checked before it is released? Or wish to delay the release in order to avoid undesirable consequences for the further passage of the War and the "anti-terrorist operation" in eastern Ukraine?

"The lack of balanced reporting is breathtaking"

In the Straits Times, the oldest and most important newspaper of Singapore, it is certainly suspicious. Even before that evidence was in an article presented which indicate that the aircraft should not have used by a ground-to-air missile as separatists or the Russians, but have been brought down by bombardment from the air of a fighter jet could ( There is something wrong ). 

  Now is also back in a larger article "Shameful neglect of evidence" pointed out that "journalistic and analytical speculation" can not be avoided if the situation is not clear. Media have the responsibility to report "critical and impartial", but "the lack of balance is breathtaking," they say.
Who had shown only hours after the crash with the finger at Russia ( yet is still unclear who shot down Flight MH17 ), had yet to provide forensic evidence that Russia is responsible for the hardware or the training of the Separatists. Russia has made to military data and satellite images, the "narrative" of the Ukrainian government in question, which was in the west but largely referred to as propaganda and dismissed. Published by the White House Satellite images were described by the Russian defense minister to be wrong. So they had a time stamp, which they dated to the period after crash which displays satellite images would reflect not the weather conditions that would have prevailed at the time of the crash.
But the United States did not provide further information, U.S. intelligence officials had but explained with selected media on condition of anonymity that no evidence for the participation of Russia, or even the identity of those responsible to possess ( MH17: The US intelligence present assumptions ): "There is a clear contradiction between the statements of the U.S. intelligence officials and supported by the White House narrative." Washington relies more particularly on unverified content from social networks ( Has rebel leader possession of Buk air defense confirmed? ).
Western media have remained largely the narrative of Washington and would show despite inadequate evidence mainly on Russia as guilty. It, that "to quote blurry YouTube videos to justify their political decisions, the country that is known for the best equipped and most extensive monitoring capacities fallen so far" is difficult to understand. The public of the Western media had been informed in accordance with the positions of Western governments, they had tried to keep out "undesirable" facts and testimonies from the discussion.

Indeed, it is striking how little the Western media showed interest in the investigation of events that were not irrelevant to the development of the conflict. So was hardly probing why the Ukrainian government has run the investigation into the death protecting the Maidan in the sand leave, although this was the termination of the Agreement, the opposition parties as always corrupt and pro-Russian, but legally elected Yanukovych government result. Neither the brutality of pro-Ukrainian pro-Russian supporters against protesters in Odessa was noted rather not even want to educate the Ukrainian government. It has been come by arson and direct violence between 40 and more than 100 people in the union hall killed and killed. Odessa has in turn reinforced the anti-Maidan Movement and the mistrust towards the government in Kiev in eastern Ukraine.
And then just the crash of MH17, the event was targeted throughout the West by Russia and was declared the evil enemy. So far there are mainly accusations and assumptions, least of Kiev: If instead of a machine MH17 Aeroflot be shot down? . The international, led by the Netherlands investigation would long since the first reliable information can present from MH17 to the public from the voice recorder and the flight data recorders, and communication between the Ukrainian air traffic control and the pilot and must, as the author of the article in the Straits Times. In addition, those responsible for the international investigation should have been calling on the government and intelligence agencies to substantiate their claims and to disclose their facts. So why is still played with a hidden agenda, one could ask, one must also ask, because a lot is at stake. And as long as the cards are not shown, the suspicion is nourished, that those who accuse the guilty, but it may delay the Enlightenment, have the most to lose. At least you still have to suspect that something is wrong.

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