Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Residents: National Guard hastily leaves Mariupol

25/08/2014 13:15

Mariupol hastily leave part of the National Guard. This is reported by local residents. In the morning the trucks filled with armed men, leave the city and go in the direction Mangushev and Zaporozhye region, say eyewitnesses. According to military experts DNR, this may be due to the success of the militia in the southern sector of the front.
As reported earlier representatives of the army DNI night in Mariupol broke sabotage and reconnaissance group Army of New Russia, reports ITAR-TASS . More August 23 militia groups were fighting near Novoazovsk, which is 47 kilometers from Mariupol. To date, the troops of DNR managed to release several settlements , including Telmanovo - the administrative center of the district, which borders Volodarskii and Novoazovsk area, as well as very close to Mariupol.
However, in Mariupol and its environs are still divisions of the Ukrainian army and the National Guard, noted in the DNR. Ukrainian troops took control of Mariupol in mid-June. Then moved to Mariupol controlled Kiev Donetsk regional administration.

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Lyashko rips the hair on ...
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BREAKING: Pro-‪#‎Russia‬|ns say they are preparing to take the city of ‪#‎Mariupol‬
 - Sergey Popov @globalinfowars 21 мин.
Lyashko: ‪#‎Ukraine‬ has lost control of the Azov section of the border. Our forces have retreated to Mariupol.
Denis  Eroshenko's photo. -Gleb Bazov @gbazov 10 мин.
‪#‎FLASH‬ - Massive Exodus of Junta Troops to Mariupol, in the fact of the advancing DPR Army.
-Новороссия @NovorossiaNews 11 мин.
Ляшко сообщил,что Украина потеряла контроль над границей в Новоазовском районе.Часть войск отступила в Мариуполь:
-PaulaSlier_RT @PaulaSlier_RT 20 мин.
Self-defense fighters say they are preparing to take the city of Mariupol.
http://www.vesti.ru/doc.html?id=1918853 --- Жители: Национальная гвардия спешно оставляет Мариуполь

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