Friday, August 29, 2014

Militias took control of Novoselovka and Cartilaginous, blocked in Mariupol

Militias took control

of Novoselovka and Cartilaginous, blocked in Mariupol

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Militias took control of Novoselovka and Cartilaginous, blocked Mariupol

Headquarters army of the Donetsk national Republic reported that the
militias managed to block Mariupol, taking control of the section of the
 highway linking the city of Zaporozhye region.

As gets reported in the Ministry of defence DND, troops continue the
offensive. Militia controls 9 settlements, and now almost blocked
Mariupol: to the city from different parts of the front now - from 12 to
 25 kilometers. According to staff, from the beginning of the
counteroffensive of the militia managed to reach the coast of the Azov
sea and take control of a significant part of the territory bordering
the Russian Federation.

Data Mariupol on Friday was absent in the daily summary
information-analytical center of the NSDC of Ukraine, which monitors the
 operational situation in the zone of military action. Meanwhile, in the
 first half of the day the head of the Ukrainian group "Information
resistance", close to the military, Dmitry Tymchuk reported that "in the
 area of Mariupol force ATO conduct engineering equipment areas and
mining tankouban directions".

Meanwhile, the commander of the Ukrainian battalion of the so-called
territorial defence "Aidar" Sergey Melnichuk reported that his men
retreated from the villages Gravelly and Novoselovka near Lugano.
"Retreat battalion "Aidar" from Gravelly and Novoselovka is due to the
fact that the numerical superiority of the enemy was repeated," said
Melnychuk in the video, posted on YouTube.

Previously militia Luhansk national Republic declared that took control
of the village Novoselovka. "Attacked and liberated Novoselovka. During
the battle destroyed the mortar with the calculation. Captured four
mortar ammunition depot and a large number of small arms", - said the
Agency "new Russia".

In the South-East of Ukraine continued military action. In the village
of Angry Donetsk region, security forces fired on a convoy of refugees,
there are victims. On the Northern and North-Western outskirts of
Donetsk, Ilovaysk, Debaltsevo, Starobeshevo, Larino, ospino Donetsk
oblast night fighting. Security forces losses of up to 60 persons killed
 and wounded. Militias destroyed 4 tanks, 8 BMP, 4 BTR, 7 trucks,
mortar. In Amvrosiyivka (Donetsk region) grouping of security forces
surrounded near the city, tried unsuccessfully to break through the
ring. The national guard under lost 2 BMP and 5 trucks.

Illyria, Melancolico, Red Beam, Rudakova (Luhansk region) - night
fighting. The village Novoselovka (Luhansk region) managed to completely
 release from the security forces.

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