Saturday, August 30, 2014

EU And USA To Try New Approach On Ukraine Crisis (Humor)

EU And USA To Try New Approach On Ukraine Crisis

EU And USA To Try New Approach On Ukraine Crisis

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EU and Us will try new ways to push Russia out of Ukraine. Western officials realized that all of their efforts have been failing and nothing is working to make Vladimir Putin stop invasion.

“He doesn’t care about sanctions, so we have to try some new things.” Said Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. New approach planned by EC and USA are based on Reverse Psychology methods. Instead of condemning Russia’s actions, west will be encouraging and praising every step Russia will take to occupy its neighbors. According to high European politicians it’s either this or losing dignity.

“When we condemn Russia or impose sanctions against it, they don’t care and it hurts, it really does. We feel like dumpees who can’t get over the relationship, so from now on we are going to act cool and show Russia that we are very much OK.” Merkel explained.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest told, that Obama Administration approves new plan to treat Russia with reverse psychology. “President consulted with Dr. Phil and he had no problem with it. The plan is approved by nation’s leading psychologist.” Earnest said. Besides Dr. Phill plan has been approved by French college liberals, who think that McDonald’s is doing more harm to humanity and burgers are more evil, than Russia invading other countries and killing innocent people.

As the first step of the new plan, President Obama will invite Vladimir Putin to a golf game in Michigan.

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