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Russia on August 1, prohibits the import of Polish fruit and vegetables

Russia on August 1, prohibits the import of Polish fruit and vegetable

Publication Date: July 30, 2014 at 17:02.
Category: Economy .
On August 1, will take effect a ban on the import into Russia of any fruit and vegetables from Poland. The reason was dangerous pests found in Rosselhonadzorom Polish products.
As reported on Wednesday, July 30 Rosselkhoznadzor spokesman Alexei Alexeenko, fruits and vegetables from Poland found Californian flower thrips and eastern moth. As well as numerous violations during the certification supplied from the country of production.
On this basis, the leadership Rosselkhoznadzor in the coming hours will be signed by the decision to ban from August 1 for the import of goods in Russia Polish farmers, according to "Izvestia" .
"We are not just fixed violations certification coming from Poland products, revealed in her Californian flower thrips and the Oriental Fruit Moth," - said the representative office.
According to the Eurasian Economic Commission, in 2013 from Poland to the territory of the Customs Union was imported 968.5 tonnes of apples, pears and quince on the $ 534.1 million is a 16.8% increase in volume and 18.3% in value more in comparison with 2012. Most of these products (80%) intended for Russia.
But in the 1st quarter of this year, imports of Polish fruit compared to the same period last year, imports fell by 17.3% to 330 thousand tons.
Comment "AIS"
Experts remind that once the Colorado potato beetle brought into the territory of the USSR is from Poland. New Russia of such errors is not going to repeat.
And there's a feeling that very soon the Russian supervisory authorities will find a wealth of harmful impurities in dairy products and sprat from the Baltic.
In recent years, small but proud Baltic countries require you to enter a very active against Russia all sorts of different sanctions. And not even allowed on its territory some Russian artists. While food exports from third countries at the seaside is in Russia. And for agrarian Lithuania this share reaches 40%.
So Rospotrebnadzor Rosselkhoznadzor and there, where carousing.
Retaliatory sanctions? No, never heard of! Only phytosanitary standards and the protection of consumer health.

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